Monday, October 29, 2007

facing ones master

Facing ones master 8.5" X 10" Oil on Canvas. As we look into what drives us through self reflection and an honest dialog with ourself. We find our desires, dreams and ambitions shall manifest themselves into the world.

This piece done in my own style and is another glimpse into what I find so compelling and divine. It is about my fascination with beauty. The beauty imagined and found through the process of creating art that is free flowing and is rooted in the here and now. It is about mark making and had ties to ancient concepts of beauty and form.

It is a form that evokes the spirit of personal creativity and self expression. And the most intriguing aspect to me is that it allows you to use your minds eye and creativity. See what you want to see and make it your own. Some say they see things in my work. Things that aren't always noted by every observer. So, I hope you find inspiration in it. Have to run Heroes is on.

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