Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Woman of the Red Earth

Woman of the Red Earth Oil on Canvas. 8" X 10".

Another in my series of automatic gesture paintings. I call them this because the images are evoked through the process of applying the paint freely and then in retrospect letting my subconscious mind guide me in pulling out the subject from the initial mark making session.

I have found this process to be truer to my nature than any other I have experimented with. And because of that I create more genuine and unique imagery. Imagery that is painterly and compositions that are fluid binding the aspects of figure and ground into a cohesive whole.

In the end the process and overall painting are more important to me than the subject. Although I am amazed and inspired at the profound images I often find. The concept; that even in my intentional attempt to create random subconscious marks my conscious mind still insists on finding patterns, shapes and form.

I find this to be a very human condition. And one worthy of exploring. I hope you find your own inspiration in it.

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